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Telecom, Sales & Use and Secretary of State compliance services consist of customized solutions for your business. The first step is to obtain a thorough understanding of your niche in the industry and the corresponding revenue streams to ensure that non-taxable revenue is excluded and/or categorized correctly. The compliance reports are prepared by either CPA's or tax professionals directly supervised by CPA's and filed with the Agencies based on customized tax tracking schedules which take the guesswork out of the reports that need to be prepared and filed. Allowances provided by Agencies are given to clients. Monies to disburse to Agencies come from a separate bank account for each company and is not a commingled bank account separated merely by a software application. Companies obtain a monthly bank account statement and reconciliation thereof.

Eliminate the excuses of service providers who state that it is not their responsibility to file a certain type of report because it is not a "passthrough" tax on the customers' bill or the statement that they do not prepare taxes. Avoid the blame game and finger pointing and come to a full service solution and be treated with service. Contact us at 407-260-1011 for a customized solution for your business.


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