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Tax Calculation Services

Providing Accurate Calculations for the Most Complex Taxes at Every Level of Government

Tax Calculation Services

In addition to providing corporate start up and ongoing compliance solutions, we also provide our tax calculation service to ensure proper calculation and application of sales and telecom-related taxes and surcharges. We do this through our tax calculation and tax mapping services.

Tax Calculation Service

The United States currently has over 35,000 sales and telecom tax jurisdictions which are constantly increasing in both frequency and complexity. As these tax rules and rates continue to change, it is inevitable that businesses will need to secure a reliable and accurate taxing solution in order to handle their client billing and tax compliance needs.

By throughly analyzing a client's products and services, we identify all the different tax scenarios and variations which are specific to their business operations to ensure more accurate calculations which results in better tax reporting.

Compliance Solutions' Tax Calculation service, along with its internal research department ensure consistent, compliant, and accurate tax calculations. This, along with our operational teams, supports client internal billing systems, third-party software and online billing services to provide accurate end-to-end information from calculations to reporting.

Tax Mapping Service

If you already have a tax calculation system in place, Compliance Solutions provides services to assist with ensuring proper tax mapping of your products and services to all the major tax rating applications available today.

Tax mapping is the core effort to producing accurate client tax calculations for correct tax results and reporting. It is essential to having accurate tax returns and defending the company in audits by a state department of revenue or the Federal Universal Service Fund.

Our process includes taking into account the actual services, their definitions, and how they are provisioned and presented on the invoice and properly matching them up to the appropriate tax mapping codes.

242 Rangeline Road, Longwood, FL Main: (407) 260-1011 Fax: (407) 260-1033

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